June 26, 2003

Lisa: Dream Journal

I've decided to start keeping a dream journal, in an attempt to figure out what's going on in my subconscious. Which reminds me of The Cell, a movie that not only features Vince Vaughn AND Jennifer Lopez, but also lets you see the subconscious worlds of three very different people. The concept was intriguing, the sets were visually stunning, and boy, did it ever freak me out.

Anyway, I definitely have a few recurring themes in my that I could analyze, and also some very violent and morbid nightmares that I would like to gain more control over. Here are a few of the themes I can think of right now: (And thanks to Dream Doctor for the interpretations.)

Loose teeth: could reflect concern about my appearance
Filthy bathrooms: suggests an emotional blockage
Huge locker rooms: possibly indicates doubts about my identity or role

So, there you have it. If I come up with anything astounding, or have any really crazy dreams, I'm sure I'll let you know.

Posted by lisa at June 26, 2003 11:02 AM

hi, um i have a question and i hope you can answer this.... my friend's mom told her that if you happen to lose your teeth in a dream then someone in your family or yourself... or someone you know may die/ or something happen to that person. and just a while ago i had a dream when i lost my for wisdom teeth and that same day my mom took me and my friend to a pool party and we got in a a little accident, luckely no one got hurt but that sorta shocked me.. is the myth really true?

Posted by: Wondering on May 17, 2004 05:26 PM
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