August 13, 2005

Lisa: Advantage: Lohan

Normally, pop-princess vehicles and movies heavy on the singing and/or dancing teens are prime choices for girls' night. However, I fear that last night we went too far. By this I mean that we checked out Hilary Duff's Raise Your Voice from the library.

Keep in mind that our standards are low. The critically-acclaimed Bring It On (starring the aptly-anagrammed Dr. Sunken Tits) has happily shared TV time with One Wonky Eye's straight-to-DVD Drive Me Crazy. Even so, Raise Your Voice was by far the worst of its genre I have ever seen.

  • The artistic talent was much more effectively faked in Save the Last Dance.
  • The love interest in Center Stage was actually less gay.
  • Believe it or not, the singing was better and the main character (BRITNEY SPEARS) more appealing in Crossroads.
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, with Lindsay Lohan, was less heavy-handed with the moral lessons.
  • It made Lohan's Mean Girls look like Oscar material. Seriously. Well, that is a good show.

    And what was John Corbett doing there, with a 10-pack-a-day voice, plaid flannel shirt/leather vest with side lacing/leather pants combo, and frizzy Kenny G. ringlets? John, honey, if you really don't have anything more interesting to do, come home with me. I think we can figure something out and get that hair problem taken care of at the same time.

    Edited to add: Even the Olsen twins' New York Minute was more enjoyable. Plus, it had Jared Padalecki doing the robot. Disclaimer: I am not recommending New York Minute.

    Posted by lisa at August 13, 2005 06:01 PM
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    Yeah, that sounds about right.

    Posted by: Sarah on August 15, 2005 10:09 AM

    Hehehe Oh Hillary Duff...Good times... You totally left out the part where they just randomly break out into song. Becasue that doesn't happen in real life.I know. Music is my life. hehe

    Posted by: Mallory on August 19, 2005 11:00 AM

    Now you understand why I was on the phone with my boyfriend for half of the movie. It was so predictable I left and missed the end and still knew what had happened... we really did a number with that one. I want that hour of my life back.. hehe but it was fun

    Posted by: Jessie on August 20, 2005 11:45 AM
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