May 13, 2008

Sarah: Checking In

I don't have long, so some quick lists:

Cities I've seen so far:
Fort Augustus
many others I will tell you about later

Foods I have tried that I swore I wouldn't:
Haggis. Not as terrible as you'd expect, actually.

Admirerers that Marci has not made out with (as far as I know):
Ash, from New Zealand
Damian, from Poland

We've enjoyed trains, tubes, buses, and lots and lots of walking in the eight days. Marci has written much more details on her blog, and I'm still working on pictures. They may have to wait until the end of the trip. For now, I'm off to work some more on my raging farmer's tan and hopefully get some shopping done. I haven't spent too frivolously, yet. For shame!

p.s. Other items of interest:
Staci's boyfriend's brother is the most adorable tour guide one could home for.
We were at the Sex and the City London premiere. So be jealous, if that's your sort of thing.
We have not eaten at McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, or any other places we might be ashamed to admit. Hurrah!

Posted by sarah at May 13, 2008 08:17 AM

I hate you! You know thye all loved you especially Jim!

Posted by: Marci on May 13, 2008 08:20 AM

Was that the premiere where SJP wore the crazy acorn hat with the flower growing out of it?

Posted by: lisa on May 16, 2008 08:26 AM

yes, indeed, that was the hat. and to clarify, we didn't actually see the stars. none of us cared enough to stay and fight the crowds. john is quite helpful isn't he?

Posted by: stace on May 16, 2008 04:23 PM

Several days later and we STILL are saying "aww, John was such a cutie". Yeah, I exaggerated the premiere a bit. Sorry.

Posted by: sarah on May 17, 2008 07:20 AM
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