March 15, 2006

Sarah: Logan

As I mentioned earlier, I attended a concert in Logan last week, and took pictures. So here are some of my friends:

I've never met this kid, but his name is Ethan Fallis (snort. Phallus.), and he told my friend Jason that he would "not miss a day of high school for anything." Good on you, Ethan.

The cutest couple in the world may well be Randy and his teeny tiny pregnant wife, Megan. I'm not sure you can appreciate the tininess unless you understand that Randy is probably 5'6". Which makes her... significantly shorter than that.

It was a surprise to see her there, but I was very pleased to run into my old roommate Nicole. She was also visibly delighted.

She was looking very thin and her hair was shiny and smooth. Her date, Steve, was a lucky guy.

Erin and I have known each other for a long time, and have even been mistaken for sisters. I think it has to do with the hair. I think she's lovely.


Linnea is hilarious, and her hair also looked shiny, smooth, and luxurious. Damn those Loganites and their conditioner.

Tammy and Staci smile big. Tammy is moving to Salt Lake soon, and will TOTALLY be my friend.

They were shortly joined by Lauren, who couldn't hang out with us after the concert because she was late for frisbee practice. Yes, you read that correctly.

That's most of my photos, and since no one is reading this entry anymore, I'll wrap things up. My friends rock, and it was good to see them, and they tolerated me as I got increasingly hyper from Diet Coke and hot chocolate.

Posted by sarah at March 15, 2006 10:17 AM
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