November 08, 2006

Sarah: That would be... pretty good...

Mallory and I discuss her answers on a quiz.

Sarah: 29. Who's your favorite Disney princess and why?
Jasmine, because she's the coolest? and has the hottest boyfriend? PLUS She gets to ride on a magic carpet AND is friends with a genie, talking parrot and monkey. ...Um.
M: Aladdin IS THE HOTTEST. I mean c'mon. Eric? The human beast? SIMBA? ALADDIN'S ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE.
S: Eric is quite dreamy...
M: No he's not. He's all squarish.
S: Ew. The Beast-Beast is hotter than the Human-Beast. We called him Prince Saucerlips.
M: And Aladdin has a hotter personality. Lol.
S: I. Um. We can't talk about this anymore because it's making me giggle excessively.
M: I just almost spit out my water giggling. Thats all.

M: Aladdin really is the hottest character. Who else is there to think is hot? Prince Charming? WOODY FROM TOY STORY? I dunno why I'm being so defensive of my attraction to Aladdin.
S: Lol. Aladdin is hot.
M: Mostly I want you to know that my love for him is a true love, and not based on my current relationships.
S: I had a crush on him. Lol.
M: PLUS his voice is totally Steve from Full House. And who DIDN'T have a crush on DJ's boyfriend?
S: Dude. I don't remember that guy. I remember that DJ once went out with an older guy with a moustache and her dad was all upset, but then realized that he was dating a really young girl.
M: Danny Tanner... What a pervert. She went to Europe and when she came back she told everyone she had a surprise for everyone? And it was Steve? And they were together FOREVER and then broke up after hiking to the top of a mountain. Lol.
S: Wow. Was the mountain a metaphor for their love?
S: Wait. If their love was true, why did they break up?
M: I think they went to different colleges. Mostly I think Steve decided to become Aladdin.

M: I'm sort of ashamed right now.

Posted by sarah at November 08, 2006 01:16 PM

So. Your purpose here at Two Loose Teeth is to humiliate Mally as much as possible. :D

Posted by: lisa on November 7, 2006 07:28 PM

Pretty much.

Posted by: sarah on November 8, 2006 12:33 AM

I am not as ashamed of my Aladdin love as I am my Nick Carter love. I think it might be because I might still have a crush on him. He's hot though! those eyes? THOSE WELL SCULPTED ABS? Also, The heart of gold? What's not to like?

Posted by: Mallory on November 8, 2006 12:49 AM
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