February 02, 2011

Sarah: 30 by 30, and so it begins

I gave you plenty of warning that I would be showing you pictures of me and my worn out well-loved clothes. So here we go! I'm planning to post entries every few days to keep you updated on what I'm wearing because.... that's sort of the point, right? To get started, here's what I'm working with for the next month:

1. Snake print wedges from Target 2. Brown boots from Target 3. Converse sneakers 4. Grey boots from Target 5. Purple ruffle booties from Steve Madden

6. Blue oxford from Old Navy 7. Black scoop-neck long-sleeved tee from LOFT 8. Blue t-shirt from American Apparel 9. Plaid button-up shirt from Old Navy 10. Blue v-neck tee from Alternative Apparel

11. Grey miniskirt from LOFT 12. Denim skirt from Banana Republic 13. Black skirt from Banana Republic

14. Shawl collar cardigan from Express 15. Grey v-neck sweater from LOFT 16. Pink sweater vest from Express 17. Black cardigan from Express 18. White cardigan from Old Navy 19. Black v-neck sweater from Express

20. Black camisole from Express 21. Floral sleeveless blouse from Old Navy 22. White camisole from Express 23. One more tank top that's still on its way to me. Unless it's hideous, in which case it's being replaced with something else.

24. Leggings from Old Navy 25. Boot-cut jeans from Banana Republic 26. Skinny jeans from Express

27. Pinstripe blazer from Banana Republic 28. Purple dress from Target

Clearly I'm two items short. I'm also feeling a little unsure about 16. So how do I fill these last few slots? To the comments! Please select:
1. Weird homemade skirt
2. Ruffle-covered shirt
3. Peacock blue t-shirt
4. An item, any item, from some other store. You're boring, Sarah.
5. Wildcard. It's late at night and I just don't know. Tell me what to wear.

Posted by sarah at February 02, 2011 10:30 PM

I think what you're missing is a coat. And possibly a scarf. It's Utah out there!

Posted by: Angie on February 3, 2011 07:25 AM

Hey Angie, you're right, it's FREEZING out here these days, but luckily outerwear and accessories aren't included in the 30 items. So don't worry, I'm bundling up whenever I'm outside (and sometimes when I'm inside our drafty new print shop).

Posted by: sarah on February 3, 2011 10:42 AM
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